In her song, “Brave,” Sara Bareilles sings “honestly, I wanna see you be brave,”
 and “show me how big your brave is.” 
I want to see me, my husband, my children, my family and friends, everyone I care about
“let the words fall out” and be BRAVE! 
Think about what scares you, what shuts you down, what fills your heart with dread. 
Maybe it’s not a what, maybe it’s a who.
Who is that person, or who are those people that you allow to hollow out your soul? 
And, why do you let them?
It’s time to stop.  It’s time to own our lives.  To be brave and say what we want to.
I’m sick and tired of political correctness. 
I believe in respect for all people and all beliefs.  I do respect all people and their beliefs.
So, give me the same respect and respect me and mine!
Why are these things one-sided?
One person can say how they feel, but the next person cannot without getting threatened or sued.
People!  This is wrong!
If you are being abused, it is time to tell someone.
It is time to stop it.
It is time to put your hand up and say, “no! and never again!”
If you have been lied to, it is time to ask for the truth
and then decide what to do about it.
If, Heaven forbid, your own parents are the culprits and you are a young person,
it is time to ask for help.
If your spouse abuses you, hits you, and threatens you,
it is time to ask for help and leave.
If your spouse is hurting your children, 
it is overdue for you to protect your children.
If you are being bullied at school or work or at soccer practice or anywhere else,
it is time to talk and tell and ask for help until someone believes and helps you.
These are extreme things, scary things of the worst kind, yet beautiful people suffer every day.
What about the less threatening things we should be standing up against?
Are you brave enough to not pass along the gossip?
Are you brave enough to really, really stand up for your faith?
Are you brave enough to declare your faith?
Do you have enough Brave to bear testimony of Jesus Christ?
…..In all things, at all times, and in all places?
Are you brave enough to respect your marriage and family when the world does not?
Do you honor, love, and respect your spouse and children the way they deserve?
Can you be brave and stand up for your friend?
Do you have the guts to stop a lie or a false story in its tracks? 
Are you strong enough to tell someone you don’t want to go on a second date?
Can you be brave and tell the creep who broke up with you two times in 12 days
Can you be courageous enough to be kind to other people? 
I’m tired of the double standard.
One person can say their piece, but anyone who is on the opposite side is not allowed to say theirs, without damage.
I’m tired of having to “make nice” with people who are not nice, just to get along.
I’m tired of the gossip. 
  If something is not true and you pass it on, it’s called slander.
Slander is a crime, punishable by law.
I’m tired of people talking about other people’s tragedies just over lunch, for entertainment.
I’m tired of people trying to find out information about people and their suffering, so they can talk about it over lunch or on the phone or at the fence or on a walk.
I’m tired of kids feeling like they can’t be themselves because they don’t think their parents would approve of what their dreams and aspirations really are.
I’m tired of wives and husbands not being nice to each other.
I’m tired of parents being crappy parents and treating their kids badly.
I’m tired of frien-a-mies taking advantage of people who really do need friends.
I’m tired of college-age boys who don’t know how to treat girls.
I’m tired of people not being strong enough to take a position.
Take a position, people!  You can’t straddle the fence.
And I’m tired of being let down by people I thought cared about me, because I believed in them and trusted them and cared about them and they lied.
Let’s be brave, can we?
It seems like a hard thing to do for a lot of people.
I think it is liberating!
As long as you are not hurting other people,
as long as you are truth seeking and truth telling,
as long as you do things out of respect, love, and compassion,
and as long as you are honest and truly honor God, yourself and others,
what harm could come from being brave?
You might just teach someone something.
You might be the example someone else needs.
You might be the reason someone else decides to do better.
You might discover you are braver than you thought.
You will probably wish you had done so sooner.
Because it feels good; it feels right.
Ghandi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.”
Maybe we do that by being the “brave” we wish the rest of the world could be.
One person can make a difference.
I promise.
“How big is your brave?”
Mine is pretty darn big, but it needs to get even bigger.
It’s hard sometimes to stand up to the bullies and the haters.
But if no one ever does, they get more powerful and stand over us for our whole lives.
I don’t want to live like that.  Do you?
But, if we want to be brave, we have to allow others to be brave, too.
Sometimes that is what takes the most bravery.
So, I’m letting my words “fall out.” 
“Brave until the bitter end,” I want my family to say about me when I’m gone.
Or, “she stood up for the truth,”
or, “she could be trusted,”
So I’ll be brave in my quest to be worthy of such a statement.
What is your bravery quest? 
Let’s “come out of the cages where we live,” and be brave.



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